Why I like Auctions

August 26, 2014 |

I always enjoyed attending auctions with my dad.  It was more of a social gathering than anything, neighbors and old friends who hadn’t seen each other in a while would sit and visit with each other, while watching for that special item to come up on the auction block.

The Auctioneer didn’t have a speaker system, he just used his natural voice.  There were no bid numbers, the cashier came around and collected the money as they went.  The cashier had a nail apron on and had cash in one pocket and change in the other and you paid as you went.  Lunches were set up by neighbors or church groups and were always the best.  Most of the auctioneers could tell some good jokes to keep the crowd entertained as the day went on.  Hey always knew what they were selling and if they didn’t they made a good story to get you to buy the item.  That is what I enjoy about auctions the socializing and listening to the auctioneer chant.


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